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Jan 2018
Scenen Pipersgatan 4 Stockholm

Painting by Numbers

Painting by Numbers is a show inspired by your numerical memories and the stories we create from them. Over the past few months the ten improvisers of International Theater Stockholm's Production Class have worked under the leadership of Jenny Elfving in exploring the matrices and associations of numbers in order to fill them with flowing colors!

ONE love that you will always cherish. TWO friends who laugh at each others face paintings. THREE foes who find themselves in a Mexican standoff. FOUR wheels on a crashing car. FIVE fingers that reach for the last Christmas cookie on the dinner table. SIX ways to drive your partner mad. SEVEN deadly sins that God committed. EIGHT reasons why Samantha should be awarded the Nobel prize. NINE lives that you are living in parallel. ZERO responsibilities... The stories are in the numbers and on the 12th, 13th and 14th of January they will come to life on stage.

Caroline Steinholtz
Cynthia Morissette
Jeff Graham
Jutta Diessl
Kathryn Mathews
Lina Hansson
Noha Mousbah
Ole Rise
Stefan Andersson
Tamara Maasdam

Book your tickets now! Doors open at 18:15.

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24 st

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Visar platsen där evenemanget utspelar sig(Scenen Pipersgatan 4). Positionen är angiven av den som lagt upp evenemanget. Painting by Numbers, Scenen Pipersgatan 4


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