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Stockholm Airport Information

  • Arlanda Airport

    There are several reasons why Stockholm is the natural capital of Scandinavia. One is that the city is in the heart of Scandinavia, with world-class communications. Another is that Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia's largest country.

    In Stockholm you can find the highest number of multinational companies, the largest stock market and millions of visitors each year. These tourists come for the food, design and music. Stockholm also has a unique range of galleries and museums. Each year, the eyes of the world is directed towards Stockholm when the Nobel Prizes are awarded.

    Arlanda - Stockholm's International Airport
    Stockholm Arlanda Airport is Sweden's largest airport and an important hub for the Stockholm region and Scandinavia. This is partly due to the aviation that reaches about 164 destinations worldwide. In addition there is good ground transportation to and from other parts of the Stockholm area.

    Direct flight routes to Arlanda
    As of 2023 you can fly to Arlanda from 144 airports around the globe and to Bromma airport (in the city) from 16 airports.
    Direct Flights

    Stockholm Arlanda Airport also plays an important role in the prosperity, not only in Sweden as a whole but also in Stockholm. The airport is creating new jobs, is significant for tourism and business as well as for cultural and knowledge exchange.

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  • Bromma Airport

    Bromma Stockholm Airport is Stockholm's city airport and the fastest option to get to and from the capital.

    At Bromma Stockholm Airport you are close to everything: check-in, security, service, baggage claim, transportation and parking. At the same time, the Bromma Stockholm Airport is a big airport, and can entitle itself as Sweden's third largest airport after Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

    Its proximity to Stockholm and its surrounding neighborhoods also makes environmental standards extra important. Only the the cleanest and quietest aircrafts may land at Bromma.

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